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Provide a Grant to Underwrite a Specific Resource Page in the Library

  • Page Development and Maintenance Plan
    • We currently have over 2000 resource pages in the library, and would like to be able to keep them current and to expand their number as material availability warrants.
    • Each page, to be fully funded as described below, would require approximately 30 hours per week of persons with varying skills and levels of expertise. 
    • Our plan is to have different people working with different aspects of each page's development and maintenance, according to their skills and expertise. 
  • Partially or Fully Fund a Library Resource Page for one year 
    • Research,  maintenance, and improvements
    • Promotion and advertising
    • Updating, checking, and ranking of resource links
    • Description and organization of resources
    • Optomization for speed, accuracy, and usefulness
    • Transcription, housing, and delivery of related documents & materials
    • Email & Chatroom discussion groups and live support for each topic
    • Fully Funded Annual Cost per Page:  $24,000
  • Select the Library Page you want to fund.
  • Use the "Become a Sponsor" email link on the page, and enter any additional info as appropriate, including any graphic or ad link you want us to provide on the page.  Unless otherwise agreed, your ad will appear before the sponsorship boxes, with the notation "Underwritten by" and you will be listed below in our Resource Page Underwriters Appreciation listing.
  • Use the "Contributions & Financial Support" method of choice, entering the annual fee in the form at the appropriate location, if paying by credit card or electronic transfer.
See also:  Page Sponsorships and Underwrite a Project

Your support will help us expand the library projects.

We do reserve the right to develop library projects at our discretion (church and school friendly). 



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