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Updated:  Wednesday, March 06, 2013 at 02:22 AM

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Link Maintenance Schedule - Weekly Broken Link Report



We have discontinued the policy of marking broken links, and are now deleting links within seven days of the day they become broken, using a scheduling system that takes temporary problems into account.   This schedule enables good links to be retained long enough for problems to be corrected, while still removing those with permanent problems in a timely fashion.   We attempt to locate items that have been moved, and to identify typing corrections in newly added resources prior to deletion, and we retain redirected links so that those who move files but redirect the urls will continue to be listed until they have updated their links in our system.  However, we do consider it the responsibility of those who wish to be included in our project to enter their new changes in the appropriate sections of the Library. 



Link Maintenance Schedule

  • Wednesday:   Run a new link check, hand-check  report and post the "Weekly Broken Link Report"  results below for public access.

    • The posting of the report is especially intended for those who want to check the status of their own materials so they can make corrections as necessary. 

    • Repair or remove links that have obviously permanent problems.

    • Attempt to locate and correct urls of selected materials deemed important to the primary themes of the Library.

  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday:  No action taken, to give time for DNS, network and server problems to be resolved, and for users to repair or update their own links and resources as necessary.

  • Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday:  Repair or remove remaining links identified as

    •        87 - Parameter Incorrect

    •      400 - No Object Data

    •      403 - Incorrect Parameter

    •      404 - File Not Found

    •      503 - Temporarily Overloaded

    • 12002 - Timeout

    • 12007 - No Such Host

    • 12029 - No Connection

    • 12030 - Connection Aborted

    • 12031 - Connection Reset

    • 12152 - Invalid Response


  • If your page or site has a change of URL, please add the new link to the appropriate pages. 

  • If your page or site has been offline, you may want to check it using the LivingWeb Library Search Engine to see if your link has been removed.  If so, please add it back so everyone will be able to find your resource.

  • Most pages have a "Links verified" link near the bottom of the page, so that anyone who wants to can quickly check the immediate status of all links on the page.   The link maintenance schedule includes all the pages in the library. 

  • Server, DNS, Timeout, and Overload errors may be re-run for several days before removing selected valuable links, because these problems are often temporary and may be due to network problems rather than actual broken links.  However, "File Not Found" errors will normally be removed as they come up unless we can find the new location, since usually these are due to files having been removed from their known location.

  • Links to materials deemed unsuitable for viewing by our K-12 users are removed immediately.

  • Posting of suitable links on the Library pages are very much appreciated, as are your postings of links to the Library!

  • We currently have 14,811 manually entered links in the library.






To update a link, please click to the page where it is linked from and enter a new link.  The old link will be removed in the maintenance process, within 7 days of this report (see "Link Maintenance Schedule" above).   If the link is correct and active, it should be discovered during the verification process.   If you are having technical difficulties and want us to mark your link and keep it posted until the problem is resolved, or if you have other questions or comments, please send email to [email protected]    Links are removed from the weekly report upon repair or deletion.

* See our Link Maintenance page for currently monitored links



Weekly Broken Link Report
NONE as of Wednesday, March 06, 2013 at 02:22 AM



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[Note:  Links with problems are removed.  Please see Link Verification Policy for more info.]


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