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Public Ministry of Jesus From 2nd to 3rd Passover

VIII.  From 3rd Passover to Beginning of Last Passover Week




Public Ministry of Jesus
from the Third Passover 
to Beginning of Last Passover Week

092 Healings in the Gennesaret Plain 14:34-36 6:55-56  
093 Pharisees object to neglect of washing hands 15:1-20 7:1-23  
094 Travel toward Tyre and Sidon and Syrophoenician woman's faith gains cure for her daughter      
095 Return thru Decapolis, healing many, feeding 4,000 15:29-38 7:31-8:9  


Crossing to Dalmanutha 15:39 8:10  
097 Pharisees and Saducees Again Require A Sign 16:1-4 8:11-12  
098 Arrival at Bethsaida and Warning against leaven of doctrine 16:4-12 8:13-21  
099 Healing of A Blind Man 8:22-26  
100 Journey to Caesarea Philippi and Peter's Confession 16:13-20 8:27-30 9:18-21  
101 Jesus foretells his death and resurrection and reproof of Peter 16:21-28 8:31-38 9:22-27  
102 Transfiguration on Mt. Hermon 17:1-13 9:1-13 9:28-36  
103    Casting Out a Demon which the Disciples Could Not 17:14-21 9:14-29 9:37-43  
104 Jesus again foretells his death and resurrection 17:22-23 9:30-32 9:44-45  
105 Temple tribute money provided from a fish at Capernaum 17:24-27  
106A Disciples strive which shall be greatest, Jesus teaches a childlike forgiving spirit, 18:1-35 9:33-37, 42-50 9:46-48  

Jesus tells the disciples not to hinder others who are casting out demonís in Jesusí name.

  9:38-41 9:49-50    
107 Oct of 29 Journey to Feast of Tabernacles 7:1-10
108 Teaching in the Temple 7:14
109 People are divided;  rulers try to seize him;  Nicodemus remonstrates 7:11-53
110 Casting the first stone 8:1-11
111 Jesus in temple declares himself the Light of the world, preexistent before Abraham.  The Jews seek to stone him 8:12-59  
112 Healing of the blind beggar 9:1-41
113 Good Shepherd and Door discourse 10:1-21
114 Final departure for Jerusalem from Galilee thru Samaria 9:51-56  
115 Qualifying the Seventy 9:57-62  
116 Sending forth of the Seventy 10:1-16  
117 Return of the Seventy 10:17-24  
118 Parable of the Good Samaritan 10:25-37  
119   Jesus visits Mary and Martha in Bethany 10:38-42  
120 The Lord's Prayer:  Ask, Seek, and Knock 11:1-13  
121 Confronting Blasphemy and Hypocrisy 11:14-54  
122 Exhortation to disciples 12:1-12  
123 Appeal to Jesus to arbitrate about inheritance, parable of the rich fool 12:13-21  
124 Discourses 12:22-59  
125 God's judgments, motive to repent 13:1-5  
126 Parable of the barren fig tree 13:6-9  
127 Cure of a Woman with a Spirit of Infirmity 13:10-17  

Dec 15 of 29 AD

Jesus at feast of Dedication in Jerusalem proclaims his divine oneness with God.  The Jews a third time seek to kill him, when he then withdraws to Peraea

129 Jan of 30 Second Journey toward Bethany on hearing of sickness of Lazarus 13:22 11:1-16
Note: Events 130-136,  Luke 13:31 - 17:10,  are all part of the one event of Jesus eating in the home of a chief Pharisee on the sabbath day.  
130   Pharisees urge him to depart quickly from Peraea on the plea that Herod will kill him and his answer 13:31-35  
131   Cure of a Man with Dropsy 14:1-6  
132   Parable of the Great Supper 14:25-35  
133   Count cost of discipleship 14:25-35  
134   publicans crowd to him , Pharisees murmur, parable of lost sheep, lost coin, prodigal son 15:1-32  
135   to disciples he speaks the parables of the unjust steward and the rich man and Lazarus 16:1-31  
136   sayings as to offenses;  mutual forgiveness and profitableness never exceeding duty 17:1-10  
137 arriving at Bethany he raises Lazarus from the dead 11:17-46  
138 Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin determine to put Jesus to death;  unconscious prophecy 11:47-53  
139 Jesus withdraws to Ephraim on the borders of Samaria 11:54
Mar of 30 Last Journey to Jerusalem thru the midst of Samaria and Galilee  
140 Heals 10 lepers on Samaritan frontier 17:11-19  
141 Pharisees ask when the kingdom of God shall come;  he foretells its concomitants 17:20-37  
142 Journey from Galilee thru Peraea 19:1-2 10:1  
143 Pharisees question him about divorce 19:3-12 10:2-12  
144 Parents bring their children to Jesus to bless them 19:13-15 10:13-16 18:15-17  
145 Rich young ruler declines discipleship;  Peter contrasts the disciple's self sacrifice 19::16-30 10:17-31 18:18-30  
146 Parable of laborers in the vineyard 20:1-16  
147 Jesus goes before on his way to Jerusalem and a third time foretells his death and resurrection 20:17-19 10:32-34 18:31-34  
148 James and John desire highest places next to Christ in the temporal kingdom 20:20-28 10:35-45  
149 Jesus Heals Two Blind Men Near Jericho 20:29-34 10:46-52 18:35-19:1  
150 Zaccheus climbs a sycamore tree and Jesus goes to his house 19:2-10  
151 Nigh Jerusalem when men think the kingdom of God shall immediately appear Jesus checks this thought by the parable of the pounds 19:11-27  
  Last Sabbath, Saturday, beginning at Friday sunset  
152 Hostile Jews seek him at Jerusalem;  Pharisees command to take him.  Jesus reaches Bethany six days before the Passover.  In house of Simon the Leper Mary anoints his head and feet 26:6-13 14:3-9 11:55-57
153 Jews come to Bethany to see Jesus 12:9-11  



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