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Jesus  in  Judea



John Baptizing  in Aenon


He must increase, but I must decrease.
  John 3:30










April of 27





Quotes & Notes on:    John 3:30  

  • John Wesley's Notes:
    He must increase, but I must decrease-So they who are now, like John, burning and shining lights, must (if not suddenly eclipsed) like him gradually decrease, while others are increasing about them; as they in their turns grew up, amidst the decays of the former generation. Let us know how to set, as well as how to rise; and let it comfort our declining days to trace, in those who are likely to succeed us in our work, the openings of yet greater usefulness.

  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge:

    * must increase. Ps 72:17-19; Isa 9:7; 53:2,3,12; Da 2:34,35,44,45; Mt 13:31-33 Re 11:15
    * but. Ac 13:36,37; 1Co 3:5; 2Co 3:7-11; Col 1:18; Heb 3:2-6

  • Adam Clarke's Commentary:

      He must increase] His present success is but the beginning of a most glorious and universal spread of righteousness, peace, truth, and good will among men.

    I must decrease.] My baptism and teaching, as pointing out the coming Messiah, must cease; because the Messiah is now come, and has entered publicly on the work of his glorious ministry.

  • Family Bible Notes:

     He; Christ. Must increase; in influence and honor. It is a high spiritual attainment to be willing that others should excel us in usefulness and honor.

  • 1599 Geneva Bible Notes:
    (No comment on this verse)

  • People's New Testament Commentary:

      (No comment on this verse)

  • Robertson's Word Pictures:
      Must (dei). It has to be (see Joh 3:14). He is to go on growing (present active infinitive auxanein) while I go on decreasing (present passive infinitive elattousthai, from comparative elattôn, less). These are the last words that we have from John till the despondent message from the dungeon in Machaerus whether Jesus is after all the Messiah (Mt 11:2; Lu 7:19). He went on to imprisonment, suspense, martyrdom, while Jesus grew in popular favour till he had his via dolorosa. "These last words of St. John are the fulness of religious sacrifice and fitly close his work" (Westcott).

  • Albert Barnes' Commentary:

     He must increase. His authority and influence among the people must grow. His doctrine shall continue to spread till it extends through all the earth.

    I must decrease.

    "The purpose of my ministry is to point men to him. When that is done my work is done. I came not to form a party of my own, nor to set up a religion of my own; and my teaching must cease when he is fully established, as the light of the morning star fades away and is lost in the beams of the rising sun."

    This evinced John's humility and willingness to be esteemed as nothing if he could honour Christ. It shows us, also, that it is sufficient honour for man if he may be permitted to point sinners to the Lord Jesus Christ. No work is so honourable and joyful as the ministry of the gospel; none are so highly honoured as those who are permitted to stand near the Son of God, to hear his voice, and to lead perishing men to his cross. Comp. Da 12:3.


  • Jamieson-Faussett Brown:

    (No comment on this verse)

  • Spurgeon Commentary:

    (No comment on this verse)

  • William Burkitt's Notes:

    (No comment on this verse)

  • Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary:

    (No comment on this verse)

  • The Fourfold Gospel:

    He must increase, but I must decrease. Noble words! "He must increase"--because the divine law has ordered it, and prophecy has foretold it (Isa 52:13), and because the very divinity of his nature absolutely requires it. "I must decrease"--in popularity, in power, in following. The Christian minister finds the increase of his work the same as the increase of Christ's kingdom; but with the Baptist the case was different. He was a Jewish prophet, and as the power of the New Dispensation, under Christ, gained headway, the Old Dispensation, of which he was a part, waxed old, and was ready to vanish away.



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