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John the Baptist Begins His Ministry



Preaching Repentance


Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance:  Matthew 3:8









779 A.U.C;  A.M. 4030;  A.D. 26






Quotes & Notes on:    Matthew 3:8

  • John Wesley's Notes:
    Repentance is of two sorts; that which is termed legal, and that which is styled evangelical repentance. The former (which is the same that is spoken of here) is a thorough conviction of sin. The latter is a change of heart (and consequently of life) from all sin to all holiness.

  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge:

    * forth. Mt 21:28-30,32; Isa 1:16,17; Lu 3:8,10-14; Ac 26:20; Ro 2:4-7 2Co 7:10,11; 2Pe 1:4-8
    * fruits. Ga 5:22,23; Eph 5:9; Php 1:11
    * meet, etc. or, answerable to amendment of life. Jer 7:3-7; 26:13; 36:3

  • Adam Clarke's Commentary:

    (No comment on this verse)

  • Family Bible Notes:

     Fruits; show the reality of your repentance by forsaking your sins and obeying the commands of God. In order that repentance may be shown to be sincere, it must produce good works.

  • 1599 Geneva Bible Notes:
     True repentance is an inward thing which has its seat in the mind and heart.

  • People's New Testament Commentary:

      Bring forth, therefore, fruits meet for repentance. There is no repentance whatever unless there is a change of life as the result. The change of life is the proof of the change of heart.

  • Robertson's Word Pictures:
      Fruit worthy of repentance (Karpon axion tęs metanoias). John demands proof from these men of the new life before he administers baptism to them. "The fruit is not the change of heart, but the acts which result from it" (McNeile). It was a bold deed for John thus to challenge as unworthy the very ones who posed as lights and leaders of the Jewish people. "Any one can do (poięsate, vide Ge 1:11) acts externally good but only a good man can grow a crop of right acts and habits" (Bruce).

  • Albert Barnes' Commentary:

    Bring forth therefore fruits, etc. That is, the proper fruits of reformation, the proper evidence that you are sincere. Do not bring your cunning and dissimulation to this work; carry not your hypocrisy into your professed repentance; but evince your sincerity by forsaking sins, and thus give evidence that this crowding to Jordan Is not some act of dissimulation. No discourse could have been more appropriate or more cutting.

    Fruits. Conduct. See Mt 7:16-19.

    Meet for repentance, Fit for repentance; appropriate to it--the proper expression of repentance.


  • Jamieson-Faussett Brown:

      Bring forth therefore fruits--the true reading clearly is "fruit";

    meet for repentance--that is, such fruit as befits a true penitent. John now being gifted with a knowledge of the human heart, like a true minister of righteousness and lover of souls here directs them how to evidence and carry out their repentance, supposing it genuine; and in the following verses warns them of their danger in case it were not.

  • Spurgeon Commentary:

    Act as a change of mind would lead you to do: above all, quit the pride in which you enwrap yourselves, and leave the serpent motives which now actuate you. Lord, save us from a fruitless repentance, which would be only an aggravation of our previous sins.

  • William Burkitt's Notes:

    (No comment on this verse)

  • Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary:

    (No comment on this verse)

  • The Fourfold Gospel:

     Bring forth therefore fruit worthy of repentance. John had demanded repentance (Mt 3:2), he now demands the fruits of it. By "fruit" or "fruits," as Luke has it (Lu 3:8), he means the manner of life which shows a real repentance.





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