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Jesus in the Temple at Age Twelve



Adolescence & Young Adult Life

   And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.  Luke 2:52


















Quotes & Notes on:    Luke 2:52

  • John Wesley's Notes:
    Jesus increased in wisdom-As to his human nature,

    and in favour with God-In proportion to that increase. It plainly follows, that though a man were pure, even as Christ was pure, still he would have room to increase in holiness, and in consequence thereof to increase in the favour, as well as in the love of God.

  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge:

    * Jesus. Lu 2:40; 1:80; 1Sa 2:26
    * stature. or, age. and in. Pr 3:3,4; Ac 7:9,10; Ro 14:18

  • Adam Clarke's Commentary:

    Was subject unto them] Behaved towards them with all dutiful submission. Probably his working with his hands at his reputed father's business, is here also implied: see ACC for Lu 2:41. No child among the Jews was ever brought up in idleness. Is not this the carpenter? was a saying of those Jews who appear to have had a proper knowledge of his employment while in Joseph's house.

  • Family Bible Notes:

     (No comment on this verse)

  • 1599 Geneva Bible Notes:
      (No comment on this verse)

  • People's New Testament Commentary:

      Jesus grew up among a people seldom and only contemptuously named by the ancient classics, and subjected at the time to the yoke of a foreign oppressor; in a remote and conquered province of the Roman empire; in the darkest district of Palestine; in a little country town of proverbial insignificance; in poverty and manual labor; in the obscurity of a carpenter's shop; far away from universities, academies, libraries, and literary or polished society; without any help, as far as we know, except the parental care, the daily wonders of nature, the Old Testament Scriptures, the weekly Sabbath service of the synagogue at Nazareth (Lu 4:16), the annual festivities in the temple of Jerusalem (Lu 2:42), and the secret intercourse of his soul with God, his heavenly Father--Schaff.

  • Robertson's Word Pictures:
       Advanced in wisdom and stature (proekopten ti sophii kai hlikii). Imperfect active, he kept cutting his way forward as through a forest or jungle as pioneers did. He kept growing in stature (hlikia may mean age, as in Lu 12:25, but stature here) and in wisdom (more than mere knowledge). His physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual development was perfect. "At each stage he was perfect for that stage" (Plummer). In favour (chariti). Or grace. This is ideal manhood to have the favour of God and men.

  • Albert Barnes' Commentary:

      In favour with God. That is, in proportion to his advance in wisdom. This does not imply that he ever lacked the favour of God, but that God regarded him with favour in proportion as he showed an understanding and spirit like his own. Happy are those children who imitate the example of Jesus--who are obedient to parents--who increase in wisdom--who are sober, temperate, and industrious, and who thus increase in favour with God and men.

    {b} "increased in wisdom" 1Sa 2:26; Lu 2:40
    {5} "stature", or "age"


  • Jamieson-Faussett Brown:

     stature--or better, perhaps, as in the Margin, "age," which implies the other. This is all the record we have of the next eighteen years of that wondrous life. What seasons of tranquil meditation over the lively oracles, and holy fellowship with His Father; what inlettings, on the one hand, of light, and love, and power from on high, and outgoings of filial supplication, freedom, love, and joy on the other, would these eighteen years contain! And would they not seem "but a few days" if they were so passed, however ardently He might long to be more directly "about His Father's business?"

  • Spurgeon Commentary:

     For eighteen years longer he continued in the obscurity of Nazareth, a matchless man, in holiness unrivalled, spending his days at his father's handicraft, and in preparation for is great work. He was for thirty years emptying himself of all glory, that afterwards he might be filled with reproach for our sake. We ought exceedingly to admire our Lord in the lowliness of these preparatory years.

  • William Burkitt's Notes:

    (No comment on this verse)

  • Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary:

    (No comment on this verse)

  • The Fourfold Gospel:

    He did not literally grow in favor with God. This is a phenomenal expression. The favor of God and man kept company for quite awhile; but the favor of God abode with Jesus when man's good will was utterly withdrawn. Men admire holiness until it becomes aggressive, and then they fell an antagonism against it as great, or intense, as their previous admiration.



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