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Angelic Announcement to the Shepherds


Circumcision and Presentation

And she coming in that instant gave thanks likewise unto the Lord, and spake of him to all them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem.

Luke 2:38










Dec of 5 BC







Lectionary Years A, B, & C:  Holy Name of Jesus and Mary Mother of God, Jan. 1.


Quotes & Notes on:    Luke 2:38

  • John Wesley's Notes:
    To all that were waiting for redemption-The sceptre now appeared to be departing from Judah, though it was not actually gone: Daniel's weeks were plainly near their period. And the revival of the spirit of prophecy, together with the memorable occurrences relating to the birth of John the Baptist, and of Jesus, could not but encourage and quicken the expectation of pious persons at this time.

    Let the example of these aged saints animate those, whose hoary heads, like theirs, are a crown of glory, being found in the way of righteousness. Let those venerable lips, so soon to be silent in the grave, be now employed in the praises of their Redeemer. Let them labour to leave those behind, to whom Christ will be as precious as he has been to them; and who will be waiting for God's salvation, when they are gone to enjoy it.

  • Treasury of Scripture Knowledge:
    * coming. Lu 2:27
    * gave. Lu 2:28-32; 1:46-56,64-66; 2Co 9:15; Eph 1:3
    * looked. Lu 2:25; 23:51; 24:21; Mr 15:43
    * Jerusalem. or, Israel.

  • Adam Clarke's Commentary:
     Coming in that instant] auth th wra, at that very time-while Simeon held the blessed Redeemer in his arms, and was singing his departing and triumphal song.

    Gave thanks likewise] She, as well as Simeon, returned God public thanks, for having sent this Saviour to Israel.

    Spake of him] Of the nature and design of his mission; and the glory that should take place in the land.

    To all them that looked for redemption] As Daniel's seventy weeks were known to be now completed, the more pious Jews were in constant expectation of the promised Messiah. They were expecting redemption, lutrwsiv; such a redemption as was to be brought about by an atonement, or expiatory victim, or ransom price. See ACC for Lu 1:68.

    In Jerusalem.] It is probable she went about from house to house, testifying the grace of God. In the margin of our common version, Israel is put instead of Jerusalem, which the translators thought was nearly as eligible as the word they received into the text. This marginal reading is supported by several MSS., all the Arabic and Persic versions, the Vulgate, and most copies of the Itala. Were this reading to be received, it would make a very essential alteration in the meaning of the text, as it would intimate that this excellent woman travelled over the land of Israel, proclaiming the advent of Christ. At all events, it appears that this widow was one of the first publishers of the Gospel of Christ, and it is likely that she travelled with it from house to house through the city of Jerusalem, where she knew they dwelt who were expecting the salvation of God.

  • Family Bible Notes:
    (No comment on this verse)

  • 1599 Geneva Bible Notes:
    (No comment on this verse)

  • People's New Testament Commentary:
     Spake of him. Of the Babe, she speaking by inspiration, and declaring that he was the promised child.

  • Robertson's Word Pictures:
       Coming up (epistâsa). Second aorist active participle. The word often has the notion of coming suddenly or bursting in as of Martha in Lu 10:40. But here it probably means coming up and standing by and so hearing Simeon's wonderful words so that her words form a kind of footnote to his. Gave thanks (anthômologeito). Imperfect middle of a verb (anthomologeô) in common use in Greek writers and in the LXX though here alone in the N.T. It had the idea of a mutual agreement or of saying something before one (anti). Anna was evidently deeply moved and repeated her thanksgiving and kept speaking (elalei, imperfect again) "to all them that were looking for (prosdechomenois, as in Lu 1:35 of Simeon) the redemption of Jerusalem (lutrôsin Ierousalêm)." There was evidently a group of such spirits that gathered in the temple either men around her and Simeon or whom she met from time to time. There was thus a nucleus of old saints in Jerusalem prepared for the coming of the Messiah when he at last appears as the Messiah in Jerusalem (John 2 and 3). These probably all passed away. But they had a happy hour of hope and joy. The late MSS. have "in Jerusalem" but "of Jerusalem" is correct. What they meant by the "redemption of Jerusalem" is not clear, whether political or spiritual or both. Simeon was looking for the consolation of Israel (Lu 2:25) and Zacharias (Lu 1:68) sang of redemption for Israel (Isa 40:2).

  • Albert Barnes' Commentary:
     (No comment on this verse)

  • Jamieson-Faussett Brown:
     coming in--"presenting herself." She had been there already but now is found "standing by," as Simeon's testimony to the blessed Babe died away, ready to take it up "in turn" (as the word rendered "likewise" here means).

    to all them, &c.--the sense is, "to all them in Jerusalem that were looking for redemption"--saying in effect, In that Babe are wrapt up all your expectations. If this was at the hour of prayer, when numbers flocked to the temple, it would account for her having such an audience as the words imply

  • Spurgeon Commentary:
    O for grace to embrace Jesus, to love Jesus, to testify to Jesus, and to be so joyful in Jesus that we may be willing, like Simeon, to die, or, like Anna, to speak of him to all around!

  • William Burkitt's Notes:
    (No comment on this verse)

  • Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary:
    (No comment on this verse)

  • The Fourfold Gospel:


  1. Thanks
  2. Spake
  3. Redemption
Variations in Manuscripts
27 And inspired by the Spirit
And in the Spirit
37 As a widow til she was 84
as a widow, she was 84
widow of about 84
Cross References
Current Text
Luke 2:21 Lev 12:3
Luke 1:31
Luke 2:22 Lev 12:6
Luke 2:23 Ex 13:2, 12, 15
Numbers 3:13
Luke 2:24 Lev 12:2-8
Luke 2:27 Matthew 4:1
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Luke 2:35 Psalm 42:10
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Luke 2:37 I Timothy 5:5
Description of Doctrine
Luke 2:21 527
Luke 2:22-39 529
Luke 2:25 711
Luke 2:26-27 695
Luke 2:32 713
Luke 2:34 575
Luke 2:35 149
Luke 2:38 711


  1. Circumcision
  2. Naming of Jesus
  3. Days of Pruification
  4. Brought to Jerusalem
  5. Presentation to the Lord
  6. Sacrifice
  7. Revelation to Simeon
  8. Simeon's Blessing and Prophecy
  9. Prophecy and Blessing of Anna
  10. Performance of the Law
  1. Jews
  2. Joseph
  3. Mary
  4. Jesus
  5. Simeon
  6. Anna
  1. Jerusalem
  2. Temple
  3. Galilee
  4. Nazareth
  5. Bethlehem
  1. vs 21 - before he was conceived in the womb
  2. vs 32 - light to Gentiles
  3. vs 36 - prophetess, "years from her virginity"
  4. vs 38 - spake t all that looked for the redemption of Israel
  5. vs 25 - waiting for the consolation of Israel
  6. Destiny of Jesus
  7. Ceremony of Purification - Leviticus 12:2ff
    1. mother unclean after birth of son for 7 days
    2. on eighth he is circumcised
    3. mother remains separated for 33 more days, total 40 days
    4. end of 40 days, sacrifice a lamb, or if too poor, a pair of turtledoves or a pair of young pigeons
  8. Redemption of the First Born  - Exodus 13:2-13
    1. first born considered holy
    2. must be redeemed by offering of 5 shekels

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