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Childhood through Early Manhood of Jesus

Questions about these periods:

  1. Period between Nativity and Return to Nazareth (2 months)
    1. at least 40 days
    2. only one event accounted for: the Presentation story of Luke 2:21-40
    3. Where did they stay?
    4. What did they do?
    5. How did they, as poor people, survive this long away from home?
    6. Did they stay with friends and relatives?
  2. When did they actually return to Nazareth?
    1. In Luke 2:39-40 they return about two months after the Nativity
    2. In Matthew 2:1-23 they seem to have remained in Bethlehem 2 years until the Magi arrive, then fled to Egypt for an unspecified period of time before returning to Nazareth
  3. Allowing for the sake of gospel harmony that they returned to Nazareth and that the Magi found them there after first looking in Jerusalem and Bethlehem: (2 years)
    1. What did they do during the two years before the Magi arrived
    2. When they fled to Egypt
      1. Where did they go
      2. With whom did they stay
      3. What did they do
      4. How long did they stay
      5. How were they supported
      6. By what means did they travel
      7. When did they return
      8. What other circumstances marked their journey
  4. Period between Return from Egypt to Nazareth until Jesus is Found in the Temple (10 years)
  5. Period between when Jesus is Found in the Temple and the Baptism of Jesus (18 years)
Classification of Stories about the Childhood thru Early Manhood of Jesus
  1. Purely Fictional
    1. Obviously out of character with all Biblical accounts of Jesus; ridiculous in content and/or authority, etc.
    2. Infancy Gospel of Thomas, 2nd century
    3. Book of Deborah, 1997
    4. Urantia Papers, 1934
  2. Non Canonical
    1. Gnostic, ancient materials rejected in the canonization process for various reasons; never widely accepted, ancient and modern fictional stories, etc
    2. Aquarian Gospel
    3. Arabic Gospel of the Infancy
    4. Various Sunday School stories, songs, etc.
      1. Drummer Boy
      2. Away in a Manger ("no crying he makes")
    5. Works of Josephus
  3. Biblical and/or Historical
    1. Biblical accounts of Matthew and Luke
    2. Sanders, Historical Figure of Jesus
    3. Historical Traditions of the Hebrew culture
    4. Exploration of reasonably factual possibilities
 Childhood of a Jewish Boy
  1. Before Age Twelve
    1. Learns from parents, teachers, family, etc. in synagogue and schools
    2. Memorize the Torah, learn from other writings, Talmud, Bible Studies, etc
    3. Memorize great hymns, poems, prayers
    4. Learn by oral tradtion
  2. Bar Mitzvah at Age Twelve
    1. Celebration of learning and growth to manhood
    2. Stand in synagogue and read from the Torah
    3. Recite passages and other sayings publicly
    4. Followed by a celebration with a party, gifts, etc. including family and friends
  3. Vocation of the Father
    1. Become officially and Apprentice to the father in the the father's place of business
    2. All males from highest to lowest, regardless of station or profession, are expected to have also a manual trade
    3. From age twelve all males are expected to "be about their father's business"
  4. plugin mp3 virtualdj downloadBook of Deborahplugin mp3 virtualdj download - fictional account by Maggy Whitehouse, 1997.  A cousin of Jesus (daughter of Joseph's brother, raised as his sister after her parents are killed), and wife of Judas Iscariot.  Documents secrets of the Merkabah tradition of Judaic mysticism hidden in all-male Jewish circles.
    1. From the authorplugin mp3 virtualdj download:

    2. "I've studied Jewish mysticism from the Torah and Zohar for nine
      years as well as New Testament Greek and the Merkabah tradition from the
      teachings of Moses Cordovero (an older school from the one used by the
      Hassidim today)...so it's all fairly well documented stuff..whether or not
      Jesus actually taught it is another question however and probably more to
      the point. There are distinct patterns in the Gospels which imply that even
      if he didn't know about it, those who put together the New Testament did."


Purely Fictional  Materials claiming to be sources:

  1. Infancy Gospel of Thomas - attributed to "Thomas an Israelite" as an account of the the miracles of Jesus during his infancy, such as:
    1. made sparrows out of clay, which then came to life
    2. killed and made blind by decrees his playmates whenever they angered him in play
    3. mocked, made fun of, belittled his elders
    4. healed sick and injured playmates
  2. Arabic Gospel of the Infancy of the Saviour
    1. attributed to "Joseph the high priest, perhaps Caiaphas"
    2. portrays Jesus as fully cognizant from the cradel, to wit:
      1. "When he was lying in his cradele, said to Mary his mother, 'I am Jesus, the Son of God, the Logos, whom thou hast brought forth as the Angel Gabriel announced to thee and my Father has sent me for the salvation of the world."
      2. stories of healings, casting out demons, etc., even as a baby
  3. Urantia Papers - 196 papers published in 1934 by a council of "24 Spiritual Administrators" explaining the organization of local universes, ours being one of many in a cluster of universes which form larger clusters of universes, etc.  He whom we know as Jesus Christ is known in the other universes as Christ Michael.  The planet we call Earth is known elsewhere as Urantia.
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