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255.0 - Generalities
255.1 - Benedictines
255.2 - Dominicans
255.3 - Franciscans
255.4 - Augustinians
255.5 - Regular Clerics
255.6 - Passionists/Redemptorists
255.7 - Other Catholic Orders of Men: Carthusians, Carmelites, Sulpicians, Oblates, Lazarists, Christian Brothers, Unclassified Orders 
255.8 - Other Catholic Orders of Women: Sisters Of Charity, Sisters Of Mercy, Sacred Heart Orders, Sisters Of Bon Secours, Little Sisters Of The Poor, Unclassified Orders
255.9 - Ecumenical, Protestant, & Other Orders:  Ecumenical, Anglican, Orthodox, Unclassified Orders

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Generalities of Religious Congregations & Orders

255.01 - Listings and Directories

  1. Catholic Men's Orders on the Net (CIC) 
  2. Catholic Women's Orders on the Net (CIC)
  3. Religious Communities & Orders 
  4. Sister Congregations 

255.06 - Serial Publications

255.09 - Assorted Generalities

  1. Abbreviations of Religious Orders--Many orders listed according to their abbreviatory initials 

255.1 - Benedictines



  1. Saint Meinrad Archabbey  Community of 120 Roman Catholic Benedictine Monks living the Benedictine values of Ora et Labora through their public and private and a variety of ministries.
  2. Monastery of Christ in the Desert 
  3. Mount St. Scholastica 
  4. Order of Saint Benedict 
  5. OSB. St. Vincent Archabbey. Oblates 
  6. Fr. Paul Weckert, O.S.B., Vocation Director at Saint Martin's Abbey--Benedictine Monks of Saint Martin's Abbey
  7. Order of Saint Benedict  New Community of Benedictines
  8. Ecumenical Benedictines of Heartsong Hermitage  At times the solitary vocation has been so hidden as to be almost invisible. The power of the Holy Spirit has called forth this vocation once again.
  9. The Order of Saint Benedict (correct URL)  Information for and about men and women monastics worldwide.
  10. Benedictine Monks of Saint John's Abbey, Minnesota  A Catholic monastery of monks at Collegeville, Minnesota, USA, since 1856.
  11. Companions of St. Luke ~ Benedictine  The Companions of St. Luke is an Anglican Community based on the Rule of St. Benedict. The Community is anchored by the Divine Offices, lectio divina, contemplation, an aggressive yet balanced formation program and of course - work. The Community is open to chaste single and vowed partners, both men and women. The Community is comprised of Vowed individuals, Oblates and Companions; each an expression of God's calling to a deeper and more meaningful relationship. Vowed members take the tradition vows of: obedience, conversion of life and stability. Oblates make promises to order their life under the Rule and Companions to pray and make use of the principles set before us by Benedict. The Companions of St. Luke following the tradition of having a monastic house, does not automatically require all of its members to live in community. Rather, each member with the direction of the Superior, may live out their "mission" a part from the community, returning to the Priory as often as possible. The Companions honor the past with its traditions and liturgy, but have eyes fixed on the future of Religious Life. For more information refer to our website.
  12. Benedictine Spirituality for Evangelicals  The Rt Rev'd Douglas Halverson, OSB, ThD, PhD
  13. Society of St. Michael  An Independent Anglo-Catholic Benedictine Order
  14. Sisters of Bethany  We are an Ecumenical Benedictine community of sisters in Cameroon, West Africa.
  15. Order of Port Royal  Ecumenical Benedictine Monastic Order
  16. Saint John's Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota  Benedictine monks. Men of prayer seeking God today by following the ancient Rule of Saint Benedict.



255.11 - Confederated Benedictines

255.12 - Cistercians (Bernardines)

  1. Cistercian Home Page 
  2. Ecumenical Cistercian Order of Port Royal--The Order of Port Royal is an Ecumenical Order of Men and Women following the Rule of St. Benedict

255.125 - Trappists (Cistercians of the Strict Observance)

255.13 - Olivetans

  1. Oblate Formation Booklet, part 09 

255.14 - Cluniacs & Related Orders

255.141 - Camaldolese

255.142 - Silvestrians

255.143 - Monks Of St. Paul The Hermit

255.16 - Celestines

255.17 - Mechitarits & Basilians

  1. Basilian Home Page 

255.18 - Antonines (Antonians), Maronites, Chaldeans, Syrians

255.19 - Canons

255.191 - Premonstratensians

255.192 - Crosier Fathers

255.193 - Crosiers Of The Red Star

255.2 - Dominicans

  1. The Society of Saint Dominic  We are a community rooted in the four pillars of Dominican life, Prayer, Community, Study and Ministry. Taking after the tradition of the ancient mendicant orders of itinerant friars, the brothers and sisters of the Society of Saint Dominic pledge to represent Christ to the nations, defend the faith from those who would lead the faithful astray, and preach and teach the Gospel of our Lord regardless of their ordination status or church affiliation. We are often found operating alone or organized into fellowships of friars and sisters called “priories.” We offer opportunities for ministry to those seeking to spread the Good News as a part of this illustrious tradition of committed Christian ministers.
  2. Dominican Monastery of Saint Jude  Community of enclosed Dominican Nuns located in Alabama. This small, close-knit community is dedicated to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the Rosary, and a strong monastic observance.
  3. DOMINICAN PROVINCE OF THE HOLY NAME  Dominican religious men on the west coast

255.21 - Friars Preachers

255.22 - Black Friars

255.3 - Franciscans (Gray Friars)



  1. Order of Ecumenical Franciscans--Ecumenical Order/Religious Life of the Future 
  2. Franciscans of the Holy Cross  A community of friars
  3. The Franciscans of the Divine Mercy (FDM)  Independent Catholic Order Spreading the Divine Mercy Devotion through an Internet Ministry
  4. The Franciscan Order of The Divine Compassion. (FODC)  An ecumenical traditionalist anglican religious order made up of Friars, Poor Clares, and The Third Order of Penitence. Founded in the Episcopal Church, but now has one Brother in the UK, and Brothers and Sisters serving God under the Third Order Rule in: USA, Canada, Honduras, Peru, Kenya, Malawi, Australia, and Papua New Guinea, For information about vocations, becoming a Companion of the Order, or prayer requests, in the UK (England) contact Br.Christopher Anthony n/FODC. via Saint Giles Parish Church, Walsall Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 2ER. England Tel: 01902-605722. Pax et Bonum!
  5. Franciscan Friars  We follow the crucified and risen Christ and the Gospel of preaching repentance and conversion for the salvation of all/
  6. Franciscan Friars of the Renewal  Roman Catholic religious order
  7. Franciscan Companions of the Immaculate  Old Roman Catholic Religious Order of Men & Women
  8. Mercy of God Community  Ecumenical Franciscan Order of women and men. Inclusive.



255.31 - Observants

255.32 - Recollects

255.33 - Alcantarines

255.36 - Capuchins


255.37 - Conventuals

255.38 - Third Order Regular

255.4 - Augustinians




  1. Augustinians of the Immaculate Heart of Mary  An ecumenical religious community of women and men following the Rule of St. Augustine in living the Gospel in imitation of our Immaculate Mother of God. We are self-supporting religious who live on our own, with our families, or in small communities, bound by sacred profession under the Rule and Statutes to pray for the Body of Christ, share our lives together in communio, and spread that love through acts of mercy and justice. Our very lives proclaim that God is love, a love that he has breathed into us in the most quiet of ways. Accepting that God’s love is unconditional, overflowing with mercy, we seek to reflect that love to others in what we say and do, in acts of social justice and loving friendship in community.
  2. Augustinian Sisters, Servants of Jesus and Mary--Information about our Congregation, Mother Teresa Spinelli, our spirituality and our work. There is also a page

  3. on music, vocational activities and an online forum
  4. Augustinians of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (AIHM)  Independent Catholic Order ministering in the National Catholic Church of America
  5. Augustinian Servants of God: Oblates of St. Augustine  A traditional, inclusive Augustinian Community
  6. Augustinians of the Midwest (Order of St. Augustine)  A Roman Catholic religious community of men seeking to be united in mind and heart intent upon God. Province of Our Mother of Good Counsel.
  7. Our Lady of Philermos Roman Catholic Monastery   Religious Roman Catholic Monastery following the Rule of Saint Augustine.
  8. The Servants of God  Is God calling you? The Servants of God is a Community of Men, clergy and lay, married and celibate, who live a Solitary life, but have provision for Life in Community, following the Rule of St. Augustine. Our ministry is servant orientated, to the church, the marginalized, the possiblilties are limitless. If you are 18 years of age or older, a member of The Episcoapl Church or a church who is communion with it and believe that you are being called to our way of life, Contact the Director of Vocations Contact The Director of VacationFor more information contact the Director of Vocations, The Servants of God, 7 North Mast Street, Goffstown, NH 03045 Email: [email protected] or and click on other episcopal links
  9. The Augustinian Servants of God: Oblates of St. Augustine  An inclusive, traditional Augustinian Community



255.41 - Augustinian Recollects

255.42 - Trinitarians

255.45 - Mercedarians

255.47 - Servites

255.49 - Others

255.491 - Minims

255.492 - Hospitallers Of St. John Of God

255.493 - Teutonic Knights

255.5 - Regular Clerics

255.51 - Theatines

255.52 - Barnabites

255.53 - Jesuits (Society Of Jesus)

  1. Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus  Multicultural worldwide Roman Catholic religious order for women dedicated to reconcilliation and reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Individual communities of Handmaids live in solidarity with the larger community that they serve. The community's spirituality is modeled after that of the Jesuits, creating a focus on deep personal discernment and being a "contemplative in action". Special devotion to eucharistic adoration is a central part of the Handmaid's charism. "Centered in the Heart of Jesus manifested in the Eucharist, one with God's people in solidarity, sent to point out God to the world and to bring the world to God, called to be contemplative even in action"

255.54 - Somaschi

255.55 - Camillians

  1. Order of St. Camillus -- Servants of the Sick

255.56 - Minor Clerks Regular (Caracciolini)

255.57 - Clerks Regular Of The Mother Of God

255.58 - Piarists

255.6 - Passionists/Redemptorists

255.62 - Passionists

  1. Love Casts Out Fear 


255.64 - Redemptorists

  1. Redemptorists, Mount St. Alphonsus, Limerick, Ireland 
  2. Liguori Publications Home Page 
  3. Holy Shroud Guild 

255.7 - Other Catholic Orders of Men

255.71 - Carthusians

255.73 - Carmelites (White Friars)

255.75 - Sulpicians

  1. Society of St. Sulpice, Province of the USA

255.76 - Oblates

255.77 - Lazarists (Vincentians)

255.78 - Christian Brothers (Brothers Of The Christian Schools)

255.79 - Unclassified Orders of Catholic Men

  1. Brothers and Sisters of Charity of the Little Portion Hermitage--Newly Approved Community in the Roman Catholic Church 
  2. Maryknoll--U.S. based Catholic mission movement
  3. Marists (Society of Mary)--Marist website

255.8 - Other Catholic Orders of Women

255.81 - Sisters Of Charity

  1. Brothers and Sisters of Charity of the Little Portion Hermitage--Newly Approved Community in the Roman Catholic Church 

255.811 - Sisters Of Charity Of St. Vincent de Paul

255.82 - Sisters Of Mercy

255.83 - Sacred Heart Orders

255.84 - Sisters Of Bon Secours


255.85 - Little Sisters Of The Poor

  •  Little Sisters Of The Poor  The Little Sisters of the Poor offer needy, elderly persons total quality care in a loving, supportive Home where they are welcomed as family and cared for with dignity and respect until death. Believing that to accompany the Residents on their final journey is the greatest expression of their vow of hospitality, they humbly and prayerfully devote their lives to fulfill this most sacred aspect of Our Lord's mission of salvation. The worldwide religious Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Poor was founded in France in 1839 by Jeanne Jugan. Today, the Little Sisters have 30 Homes in the USA and are in 32 countries.

255.87 - Other Catholic Orders of Women

255.871 - Carmelites

255.872 - Dominicans

255.873 - Franciscans

  1.  Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis 
  2. Franciscan Sisters of Joy--An ecumenical community of Franciscan women. Formation can be done in your location.

255.874 - Ursulines

  1. Ursuline Sisters of Louisville  An apostolic religious congregation of the Roman Catholic Church, rooted in the spirit and tradition of St. Angela Merici, we are a group of women committed to a life of prayer, community and participation in the teaching mission of the Church. Our ministry, teaching Christian living, cuts across socio-economic, racial and national boundaries, and assists women, men and children to live more fully and to develop a personal relationship with God. [email protected]

255.875 - Visitation Orders

255.876 - St. Joseph Orders


255.877 - Presentation Orders

255.878 - Adorers Of The Blood Of Christ

  1. CIN - gaspar Digest Mon, 03 Mar 1997 00:03:54 Pacific Standard Time V01 #06 

255.879 - Other Classified Orders of Catholic Women

255.8791 - Claretian Missionaries

  1. Claretians Eastern Province 
  2. Poor Clare Nuns/Eternal Word Television Network--Poor Clare Sisters/Catholic Communications

255.8792 - Marian Orders

  1. Congregation of Marians of the Immaculate Conception 
  2. Things Marianist 

255.8793 - St. Paul Orders

255.8799 - Unclassified Catholic Orders of  Women

  1. Salvatorians (Society of the Divine Savior) 
  2. Salesians of Don Bosco--Salesian Missions Worldwide
  3. Religious of the Cenacle 
  4.  Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur --Western Province-USA
  5. Maryknoll--U.S. based Catholic mission movement
  6. Marists (Society of Mary)--Marist website


255.9 - Ecumenical, Protestant, & Other Orders

255.91 - Ecumenical Orders 

  1.  Order of St. Luke the Physician 
  2. Taizé
  3. Order of Ecumenical Franciscans--Ecumenical Order/Religious Life of the Future 
  4. Society of Mary Magdalene--an Ecumenical Order of Brothers and Sisters

255.91 - Anglican / Episcopal Orders

255.911 - Anglican Orders of Men and Women

255.912 - Anglican Orders of Men

    255.9121 - Order of St. Benedict

    255.9122 - Other Anglican Orders of Men


255.913 - Anglican Orders of Women

  1. Sisters of the Love of God--Episcopal Community for Women in England

255.92 - Methodist Orders

  1.  Order of Saint Luke 

255.99 - Other Ecumenical, Protestant, & Other Orders


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  • Daughters of the Heart of Mary  Religious Women living the Gospel message out in the midst of the world.Community of Our Lady of Walsingham  Founded in 2004, we are a new contemplative religious community helping promote a vocational culture in the Church and in society by enabling people to respond fully to the call of love in their lives. Rooted in the Carmelite tradition, our charism is vocational/incarnational.
  • Ecumenical Order of Charity  Inter-denominational non-cloistered order of men and women devoted to works of charity
  • Community of Servants of Christ (Benedictine)  The Community of Servants of Christ is a canonically independent, contemporary, non-cloistral community of brothers and sisters, united through our faith, our vows of stability within community; obedience to the Community Servant, to one another, to the Rule of St. Benedict and to a conversion of life. Members are self-supporting through secular or church related work, they may be single, married or partnered. Our lives are a balance of worship, work and study.
  • Order of the Merciful Christ  Ecumenical. Celtic Christian spirituality. Rule of St. Columba.
  • Faithful Companions of Jesus  We are an international Roman Catholic congregation of women whose lives are interwoven with the people of today. Ignatian spirituality is at the root of our way of life. Marie Madeleine, our foundress, had a deep desire to use the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) as the basis for the way of life she wished her sisters to follow.
  • Our Lady of Calvary Abbey  Trappist monks in New Brunswick, Canada
  • Daughters of the Heart of Mary  Women totally consecrated to God by three vows. Our members are available to the Church in all kinds of ministries according to the needs of the times. With no exterior distinguishing sign, we live in the midst of the world.
  • Fraternity of Mercy  A fraternity of Independent Catholic houses and individuals called to serve others through works of mercy.
  • Old Catholic Benedictines  Old Catholic Resource and Oblate Information
  • CONFRATERNITY OF CATHOLIC SAINTS  Formerly Ministry for the Promotion of Saints. HELPING PEOPLE LIVE IN SANCTITY... Deepen their love and devotion to the Saints and striving to be Witness of the Risen Lord in the Whole World. Come and Join us! Visit us! See our Treasures!
  • CONFRATERNITY OF CATHOLIC SAINTS  Formerly Ministry for the Promotion of Saints. HELPING PEOPLE LIVE IN SANCTITY... Deepen their love and devotion to the Saints and striving to be Witness of the Risen Lord in the Whole World. Come and Join us! Visit us!
  • Ecumenical Benedictines of Heartsong Hermitage  New URL
  • Cistercian Order of the Holy Cross, Common Observance  We serve men and woman,married or single living in or outside of a monastery who desire to develop a contemplative life
  • MINISTRY FOR THE PROMOTION OF SAINTS  We are here to PRAY FOR YOU! We pray that you may be HEALED! Come visit us! Post your Intentions, invite us in your community and be touched by the Saints!
  • Benedictine Community of St. Anthony  Monastery of Mary in the Wilderness
    see website
  • Houston Benedictine House of Prayer  An Old Catholic semi eremetical Benedictine Monastic Order
  • PIME Missionaries  Catholic Organization of ordained and lay foreign missionaries
  • Brothers of Saint Patrician (Patrician Brothers)  Roman Catholic male congregation, founded by Bishop Daniel Delany in 1808 in Ireland, to teach the children of the poor. Now ministering in Ireland, India, Australia, U.S.A., Kenya, and Papua New Guinea.
  • Order of the Holy Spirit  A Christian order based on the teachings of the early church.
  • Community of the Transfiguration  An Anglican/Episcopal Order for Women (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  • Community of Grandchamp  ecumenical/protestant
  • Sisters of Benedict, Red Plains Monastery  A Benedictine Monastic Community of vowed women following the Rule of Saint Benedict
  • The LAY FRATRES Community  Semi-monastic but active Young Lay Men of the Roman Catholic Church dedicated for Service through Prayers
  • THE MINISTRY FOR THE PROMOTION OF HOLY MEN AND WOMEN  A Catholic Ministry-Organization dedicated in promoting the Holy People, the Saints and Blessed. Praying asking their intercessions and custody of their Holy Relics
  • Cistercian Order of Port Royal USA  The Community is part of St. Severins Abbey in Germany which is part of the Old Catholic Church of the Utrecht Union and the Worldwide Anglican Communion.The Community is open to oblates and solitary monks who feel called to the religious life while living and working in the world. For more information see our web site listed below.
  • Vocationist Faters & Sisters  We are two congregation fouded in Naples-Italy by Fr. Justin Russolillo with special carism of fostering and cultivate those called to desire to be priests or religious and need help in their discernment or lack the means.
  • Augustinians of the Immaculate Heart of Mary  Independent Catholic Non-Residential community
  • Sisters of the Infant Jesus  We are sisters of the Infant Jesus (Society of SAoi
  • Sisters of St. Martha of Antigonish  We Sisters of St. Martha, inspired by God's graciousnes, hear, embrace and respond to the cry for Gospel hospitality.
  • Benedictine Community of St. Anthony  Old Catholic cenobitic and semi-erimetical expression
  • Benedictine Community of St. Anthony  Old Catholic cenobitic and semi-erimetical expression
  • Discalced Carmelite Nuns  We are a cloistered contemplative Order located in Oklahoma.
  • The Society of the Servants of the Lord (Augustinians)  We are a consecrated Augustinian community following Christ through a life of love, prayer and service to the sick, aged and the needy. We are accepted by the Archdiocese of Medan as a Public Association of the Christian Faithful (Canon 312). Our communities are now serving in 3 countries, namely, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Some of our members are sent to serve as missionaries in foreign lands.
  • Order of Saint Benedict  United Ecumenical Catholic Church
  • The Brothers & Sisters of the Holy Gospel  Ecumenical order welcoming Christians of different denominations and traditions, our charism is inspired by the life of Blessed Charles De Foucauld.
  • The Order of Saints Scholastica and Benedict   The OSSB's are a contemporary ecumenical expression of monasticism for the 21st century and beyond. We live by the Rule of St Benedict and welcome men and women, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation. So, ausculta (listen) to that still small voice and follow your heart home to Benedictine monasticsm! We also have an Oblate program for those not called to Vowed life and an Associate program open to those of any spiritual tradition who resonate with the spirit of Benedict and Scholastica.
  • Episcopal Carmel of Saint Teresa  Episcopal Carmel of Saint Teresa is a new community in the Episcopal Church. It is contemplative in the tradition of Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross. We live a life of prayer for the church and the world.
  • Order of Saint John The Divine  The Order of Saint John the Divine was founded on All Saints Day, November 1, 1994, by Father Richard G. Roy, OSJD. We are a canonical religious community of The National Catholic Church of America (NCCA) for men and women called to a life of prayer and apostolic activity in a more inclusive Catholic tradition. Our distinctive feature, or "charism", is expressed in the Order's motto, "Unity in Diversity." The Order admits qualified candidates to membership and to Holy Orders without regard to gender, marital status, sexual orientation, race or physical disability. The Order is also ecumenical, insofar as clergy and laity from Protestant denominations are invited to apply for membership and to participate in cooperative ministry. Members of the Order may choose to live in common, or separately, and undertake apostolates to which they are suited by background and interests. The Order does not provide a livelihood to its members. They are self-supporting and responsible for raising the funds necessary to their local ministry.
  • Traditional Roman Catholic Benedictine Monks  Tridentine Rite Benedictine Monks
  • Ecumenical Community of Julian  A community of monks and nuns who live in the world, not in a monastery, because the world's our monastery. Our main charism is prayer and reflecting the spirituality of Julian of Norwich.
  • Benedictines And Franciscans  United Ecumenical Catholic Church
  • Soeurs de la Doctrine Chretienne  Ancrees en Dieu et proches des hommes pour annoncer la Parole et accompagner la Vie afin que tous les hommes grandissent jusqu'a la pleine dimension de fils de Dieu --
    in English :Sisters of the Christian Doctrine -- This Congregation has been founded by Fr.Jean Baptiste Vatelot who in the 17th century had the inspiration to  found elementary schools in remote villages for the education of girls especially the poor an form both competent teachers for his schools and also nurses to look after the poor
    'Jesus washing the Feet of His disciples' is the evangelical model that inspired the members of the Congregation. 
  • Sisters of the Sick Poor of Los Angeles  New Diocesan Community
  • Order of Franciscans of the Holy Cross -OFC  ecumenical franciscan community under the jurisdiction of the United Ecumenical Catholic Church.
  • Ordo Militia Templi - North American Mission  The Militia is a Roman Catholic Lay Order
  • The International Free Protestant Episcopal Church  Independent Anglican Episcopal Church
  • Sister Disciples of the Divine Master (PDDM)  Member of the Pauline Family founded for the service of Christ present in the Eucharist, Liturgy, Priesthood
  • Religious of the Virgin Mary  The Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) is a community of vowed religious women founded by Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo in Manila, Philippines.
  • Friars of the Sick Poor of Los Angeles  Fr. Jim Halley, fsp
  • Sisters of the Sick Poor of Los Angeles  Multi-cultural community serving the sick poor.
  • Xaverian Brothers  An International Religious Congregation of Brothers
  • Institute of the Incarnate Word  An order founded in 1984 in Argentina. With over 300 priests and 350 seminarians worldwide, the Institute's mission is to follow the call of His Holiness John Paul II in the evangelization of secular culture.
  • Sisters of Christian Charity  Roman Catholic Religious Order of Women
  • Oblates of the Holy Spirit  Inter-denominational
  • The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem - Knights Hospitaller  Military-Religious Catholic Order founded in the Holy Land in 1048AD
  • Society of the Divine Mercy (Spiritual Renewal of the Diocesan Priesthood)  Rev. Francis X. McGerity, S.D.M.: Director: 2 Rosemere Ct., Roslindale, MA. 02131 (617) 325-1206
  • Religious of the Virgin Mary Congregation  the first Filipino congregation founded in the Philippines by Mother Ignacia Del Espirito Santo
  • Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception  Congregation founded for the foreign missions in 1902 Montreal
  • Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus  new homepage
  • Sisters of Reparation  Womens religious order
  • Women Uplifting Women Ministries  Dynamic Spiritual Organization offering prayer page for our young people, prayer page for the family, audio and video messages, uplifting spiritual messages, ask the elder questions for real spiritual answers, short stories and poems, and much more. Also have CDs and other spiritual messages. Prayer offered by spirit-filled Preachers of God. Let us pray for you and watch God work.
  • Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph  A religious congregation of women founded in La Fleche, France in 1636 by a lay man ,Jerome Le Royer to care for the sick, the poor and the most needy in union of charity. Our motto is " Free to Love and to Serve"
  • Daughters of Charity,Servants of the Poor  Canossian Sisters , contemplatives IN ACTION ... since 1808, International, missionary... serving where the need is greatest... Evangelization, Education, Catechesis, Assistance to Sick, JPIC. Lay Empowerment and many more.... Come and See!
  • The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter  The Priestly Fraternity of St Peter is a Society of Apostolic Life of pontifical right, founded in 1988 with the approval of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II. The priests of the Fraternity enjoy the privilege of celebrating the Mass and Sacraments according to the liturgical books of 1962.
  • The Community of St. John  Apostolic and Contemplative Sisters and Brothers
  • Josephite Fathers and Brothers  Serving the African American community
  • Living Stream Little Sisters  An Order of Solitaries and Hermits.  Feed the poor and homeless, New form of Consecrated life canon 603   Celtic Catholic, All who believe are welcome, We serve the very poor
  • The Congregation of Holy Cross  Founded after the French Revolution to help the clergy, provide retreats, open schools, and meet the immediate needs of the Church where ever that may be. Found Notre Dame Univeristy IN, Stonehill College, MA, etc
  • Congregation of the Holy Spirit - Spiritans  apostolic men's community dedicated to working with the poor
  • Deutscher Orden / Teutonic Order  An Order of Priests and Sisters in Europe
  • FELICIAN SISTERS (Congregation of the Sisters of St. Felix of Cantalice  - An International Congregation
  • Congregation of Divine Providence, Melbourne, KY  A Community of Women Religious committed to making God's Providential Love visible, active and real especially in the lives of the poor. There is an emphasis on the needs of women and children. Sisters are involved in a variety of ministries
    education, health care, social service, peace and justice, retreats and welcoming.
  • The Order of Saint Joseph  An Episcopal Religious Community of men dedicated to a life of action flowing from a contemplative prayer life. Traditional Monastic vocations, Non-conventual Oblates, Priest and Lay Associates.
  • Brotherhood of Christ the Victor  A nonresidential Brotherhood of men professing traditional Christian beliefs and morality.
  • MISSIONARIES OF THE SACRED HEART (M.S.C.)  Today, the M.S.C. Priests and Brothers are present in 52 countries, proclaiming the Love of God fully revealed in and through the Heart of His Son, Jesus Christ, in season and out of season to the heartless, dehumanized and wounded world. This Roman Catholic religious congregatation was founded by Fr. Jules Chevalier, MSC in Issoudun, France on Dec. 8, 1854, which was the date of the proclamation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. In the last quarter of the 19th Century, Pope Leo XIII entrusted the whole area of Micronesia and Melanesia areas (to which Papua New Guinea belongs) to the M.S.C. congregation. It was the most difficult missionary endeavor of the congregation. But God is so generous that after the acceptance of the Micronesia/Melanesia mission, the congregation experienced phenomenal growth in the neighboring countries in Europe. The prayer and motto of the MSC congregation is: "May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved everywhere and forever." We call on the young people to answer the call of God to be "apostles of His love" and to be Missionaries of the Sacred Heart!
  • Congregation of Divine Providence  A Roman Catholic community of women religious whose contemplation of Jesus leads them to become the face of God's providence by works of mercy.
  • Legionaries of Christ  Young, dynamic, worldwide religious order of priests. More than 500 priests and 2500 seminarians in 25 countries.
  • Rivendell Community  A Christian Community in the Episcopal Church for men, women, married, single, lay and ordained. Vocation is prayer and hospitality. We have chapters of the community in Springfield, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee. Please see our web page for more information!
  • Congregation of Divine Providence, Melbourne, KY  A Religious Community of Women
    Roman Catholic
  • Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa ( MSOLA )  Religious women at the service of the African, bringing about the values of the Kingdom of God in Africa. We live in International and Inter-cultural communities, committed in different apostolates
  • Companions of the Cross  We are a Roman Catholic community of priests and seminarians based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • Religious vocation 4youth  We are a website dedicated to promoting vocations to the religious life among youth. We have lists of old and VERY NEW orders. From monastic to Charismatic. We have daily meditations, prayers, links, and saints of the day. We also have a different feature community every week. Check it out!!
  • Order of Servants of Christ  { Updated } The OSC community is a contemporary monastic community, striving to be a witness of God's presence in the world today. We are intentionally ecumenical and inclusive and therefore are not affiliated with, or under the jurisdiction of any particular denomination. We encourage our members to remain in and be faithful to their respective churches.
  • Society of The Little Sisters of Faith, L.S.L.S  The Order of Solitaries and Hermits, A new form of consecrated life. Canon 603   We are a non profit, supported by our prayer beads and other sundries that we make.  Although it is the Catholics who make the best use of prayer beads, other denominations also use them, and are a way of keeping in prayer.  With something that feels lovely, and supports our food program.   We are a non Food for the hungry, help in many areas.  No one is turned away.  Our Lord Jesus, The hand that reaches out to all in need.  All through Him And Him Alone.
  • Order of the Holy Family  Ecumenical Christian religious order for women and men, married and single, clergy and lay. Rooted in the contemplative, ascetic, compassionate, and monastic ideals of Christian tradition.
  • The Sisters of St. Mary Magdalene, SMM  Bishop Approved Sorority organization for Catholic incarcerated women; expanding into Catholic aftercare program/housing; new scriptural rosaries for perpetual intercession.
  • The Brothers of St. Dismas, BSD  Bishop approved fraternal organization for Catholic incarcerated men; expanding into Catholic aftercare program/ housing; new scriptural rosaries for perpetual intercession/ Prayer of St. Dismas.
  • Order of the Holy Family  Ecumenical religious order rooted in ascetic, monastic, contemplative, and compassionate traditions of Christianity. Inner monasticism integrating evangelical counsels and duties of prayer, service, and study with family life. Open to all Christians, married and single, female and male, laity and clergy.
  • Sisters of St. Mary of Namur, Eastern Province--An international apostolic community of prayer and service ministering especially to the poor and marginalized.



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