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  1. Synoptic-L Email Forum
  2. Versions of the New Testament 
  3. The New Testament Composite Gospel 
  4. IBRI Research Report #2
  5. Text of the Diatessaron:  New Advent: Fathers of the Church 
  6. A Four-Part Harmony of the Gospels
  7. The Fourfold Gospel
  8. Harmony 
  9. J B Philliips Internet New Testament 
  10. harmony.html 
  11. Bible Query from Gospel Harmony 
  12. TITUS Texts: Tatian, Gospel Harmony: Index 
  13. Life of Christ: Harmony of the Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John 
  14. Gospel Harmony 
  15. Harmony of the Gospel Class Notes
  16. Papyrus Egerton - Fragment
  17. Expository Bible Study 
  18. The Church Fathers 
  19. The Synoptic Problem 
  20. synoptic gospels 
  21. The Present State of the Synoptic Problem 

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  • Composite Gospel Index  An XML index representing the gospel parallels
  • Yeshua - the Remembrance--Translation and harmony of the Gospels by Dr. David M. Hargis  

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