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  • Worship: Calendar and Holiday Linksdoenload free power dvd  A product of the General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church, this site provides links to several other Web sites regarding the lectionary, the liturgical calendar, Christian symbols in art and architecture, and weekly lections. There are other valuable links to lectionary preaching and liturgical music. (kc-11/01)
  • Church Library: Image and Icon Archive (United Methodist)doenload free power dvd  Lots of seasonal images, stewardship images, as well as the cross and flame logo, all which may be downloaded free for personal and non-commercial use. The site also links to images from the devotional periodical, "The Upper Room." (kc-11/01)
  • The Ecole Initiative: Index of Imagesdoenload free power dvd  Thousands of religious images —the saints, biblical characters and events, icons, Christology in art— from Aaron to Zacarias. The links will carry you to some of the world's greatest collections of religious art available on the Web. (kc-10/01)
  • Patron Saints Indexdoenload free power dvd  Who's your patron saint? This Web site is light on art and heavy on information and lists. If you have a disease, there may be a specific patron saint for you. Some countries, states, cities and towns have patron saints, and many professions and crafts have them, too. Catholic Community Forum hosts this and other interesting Web sites that provide information which may be useful in liturgical planning and promotion. Most of the saints are depicted in color illustrations, as well, and there are good links to other related resources. (kc-10/01)
  • Celtic Cross Stitchdoenload free power dvd  From County Mayo in Ireland comes this attractive commercial site that offers free charts of your own design for Celtic Cross Stitch. The service is good for churches having talents with needle and cloth. The free charts, as well as the ones available for purchase, can be used on banners, altar hangings, liturgical stoles, even on upholstered kneelers, pillows, and chair seats. It is, reportedly, the only Celtic alphabet chart generator on the Internet. May of their illuminated designs come from the Book of Kells and other Irish religious art. (kc-10/01)

  • Glossary of Medieval Art and Architecturedoenload free power dvd  This Website is a product of University of Pittsburgh professor Jane Vadnal, and it's a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to know more about traditional church architecture and art as it was used in Medieval times. Vadnal has created an A-to-Z glossary with internal links to images; each image even has an audio-guide for pronunciation. The images are copyrighted, but at least you'll learn the difference between the sanctuary and the chancel. (kc-10/01)


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  • Moroni's Latter day Saint Pagedoenload free power dvd  Bible References, Inspiring Stories and Words of the Savior
  • Moroni's Latter day Saint Pagedoenload free power dvd  Bible References, Inspiring Stories and Words of the Savior
  • Heavenly Wooddoenload free power dvd  Hand-carved wooden crosses, lecterns, podiums, altars, magazine racks, communion tables and more.
  • Heavenly Officedoenload free power dvd  Supplying your church office with laminators, paper cutters, shredders and other office supplies
  • Church Furniture Storedoenload free power dvd  Offering high quality altars, confessionals, baptistries, crosses, and prie dieus
  • LivingWeb Librarydoenload free power dvd
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